Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Strength on the Island

Strength on the Island

Several noteworthy figures from our history have periods of their lives when either voluntarily or involuntarily they found themselves in solitude.  There is great value in this period of isolation. 

Often, the noise an busy movement of life’s race, delays the nurturing and development process of the inner-man.   Time is teaching me to be even more concerned with the progress of this component of my being, even above the exterior shell.  Perhaps it is because the recognition of this improvement is not so visible to the carnal eye.  The pats on the back, the high fives, the “job well done” will not be as frequent…but the overall feeling of a status enhancement if the internal light is worth the moments of minimal affirmation. 

Go within. Introspect. Feed the needs of your spirit just like you don’t rest until the outer-man is satisfied…in fact, we allow the shell to over indulge, while the inner starves. 

Find value in the island. Allow yourself to experience untainted time.

Your life will thank you!