Friday, February 3, 2017

Not Arrived...But Approaching


I choose to not be misguided into believing that because I am able to do now what should have always been my norm that I have ARRIVED.  I have not arrived yet in the space where my success is woven in the success of my community…but I am approaching.  Each time we redirect our economic power we are approaching! When we curl our lips and smile where we previously may have rolled our eyes and smirked or even refused to invest enough time to acknowledge another Queen passing by at all, we are approaching.  It has taken hundreds of years because of a system of organized oppression that began within our minds but was perpetuated through our chemistry and energy one to another. 

No we have not arrived because we cast one ballot every 4 years but we are approaching if we pull together locally to ensure that there are at least candidates progressing that represent some if not most of OUR views.

We have not arrived simply because people that wear skirts can apply to a position but we are approaching the time when SHE has the final decision of that company.

The illusion that we have reached the “mark” is a procrastination tool of distraction to trick us into complacency thereby delaying a bliss that many of us struggle to comprehend. 

My message is not one of pessimism but rather PROactive optimism.  A message that intends to stimulate shared responsibility, shared input and shared victory! 

We owe a debt of morality and ethics to our foundational parents who endured a struggle that I don’t think I could have, because were it not for them our movement of infrastructure would not be a possibility.  I am spilling over with possibilities as I look at my own life and what some would categorize as limitations and the liberation of thought that I enjoy; and the older I get the more I learn that going back to the concept of shared community was our ticket out of circumstances then and it will be our conduit of change now.

NO we have NOT yet arrived…but together…we ARE APPROACHING!!!!