Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Training for the Position

I've spent some time being overwhelmed, uncertain and afraid of the obstacles that my life path has presented to me.  Why so much pain? Why the delay of my dreams being reality? What was the purpose of glimpses of a future that may never be?
I remember when maturity began to reveal to me that each challenge came with a lesson, and if it were not the growing pains that the stumbling blocks presented, I would keep repeating the uncomfortable experiences over and over because they indeed came with a purpose.
So now as I am speaking with wonderful humans from all walks of life I have so much material to reference.  So much of the connections we make are from first hand experiences. Experiences that did not feel so good in the moment, but what would my life have missed, had I not lived life as it was given to me?
In corporate American, you are oriented and trained for the future position.  Such is life.  All of these experiences have been preparing me for the position and purpose that the Divine One had for me since my Creation.
Now I say thank you rather than Why?  I am humbled and appreciative of the preparation for things beyond my wildest dreams that are to come.
The training is now, the position is to come!
Enjoy the class