Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Today I choose ME

Today I choose ME!

I remember when I first experience the instructions given on an airplane before takeoff. I was traveling from Virginia to Providence RI (headed to Boston) and my 4 year old son was with me. I had flown before and I may have paid attention to the presentation explaining what to do in the event of an emergency landing, but while traveling with my most precious and cherished gift, I paid strict attention, for the first time.  After explaining the exits of the plane and how the seat becomes a floatation device, the flight attendants said something that I was certain, did not apply to me.  The instructions seemed to be specifically targeted to my circumstance, however the content was for someone else.  The voice across the speaker system said that if an emergency occurred, that I was to cover myself with the oxygen mask first, even before I attempted to cover any minor passengers accompanying me.  This applied to my situation because my baby, then only child, a tender 4 years old was seated beside me.  I separated myself from the information though because if ANYTHING happened on that aircraft, I would do as I had always done and save him first!

In the days and weeks to follow this awakening moment, I begin to fully process it’s meaning.  I realized that they may have actually been correct.  If I am full/whole/breathing with ease, then I could function so much more efficiently when it came to providing for the needs of those depending on me.  If I, on the contrary, was struggling and disheveled, disoriented and loosing focus because I was a fraction of the resources that he truly needed, I ran the risk of hurting both of us because I couldn’t help either.

This is the day that I learned that it was not bad if I took care of myself first.  Love yourself first and out of the overflowing abundance, you can shine your love on others.  Be healthy yourself and you are better equipped to be a caregiver of others. It’s a simple mathematical formula really. . .

If I am 50% of the woman I have the capacity to be, then my reservoir to extend myself to my passions and responsibilities is coming from this half tank.  If there are two directions that I want to split my attention between, the both, if split equally can have a maximum of 25% of me.  However if I am operating at 100%, how much more can I give to the causes that mean something to me. 

Choose You First!

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