Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm Expecting!!!

I’m Expecting!!!....

Remember when your first received knowledge that conception had occurred? It was either because you felt different and received confirmation of the change or it was because finally something you had been attempting had been achieved.  Perhaps it was a total surprise, unplanned in every way…

There were moments of fear, anxiety, joy and mystery in the miracle of it all…

A hodge-podge of emotions I’m sure. 

There were weeks, perhaps months that you kept it to yourself. Either because decisions needed to be made concerning the information or because you simply wanted to protect it.  You didn’t want anything or anyone to infiltrate your bliss with compromised energy.  Regardless of the method of the connection, this thing was yours.

You grew together over time while you held and incubated this unknown familiarity.  What it received in nourishment, is solely connected to what you gave.  It was yours.

Time passed and the anticipation grew.  There were days that the growth was so rapid that you could hardly contain it.  When you sat, you wanted to be standing and when you stood all you wanted was a seat.  Sleepless nights mounted while the most consistent advice you received was…”get some rest”!

And as the time drew near and labor began the discomfort was inevitable…There was pain and contracting, but this was dulled, even slightly by the anticipation of the birth and the life that you would meet on the other side of that great pain.

So today I confess…..Yes….I AM EXPECTING!!!

I am in labor with a sweet little girl named Destiny.  I have nurtured and nourished her and now I am in labor.  The contractions are growing stronger and closer together. There has been great pain in order to birth her into reality, but she will be worth it!

I can’t wait to meet you, my child…Destiny Purpose Me

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  1. Jessica you are a gift to all that come into contact with you. Thank you for the inspiration