Tuesday, December 13, 2016

For my Queens...

THEE I AM FACTOR connects us with our spark of Divinity. 

A spark that could not be diminished, depleted, starved, ignored, forsaken, abandon, misunderstood, judged, raped, molested as a child, or killed through self-inflicted tragedy, broken heartedness, promiscuity-over active sexual behavior, poor choices,

Your divine spark isn’t lost if you are unemployed and have no money, it can’t be put out because you are overweight or under-weight, drug addiction or any other external factor. 


You are here today because regardless of what you have experience, your spark remained.
We had previously been formed in His image and likeness, so to me, that likeness is the “spark of Divinity” that enables me to tap into this I AM FACTOR.
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