Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Strength on the Island

Strength on the Island

Several noteworthy figures from our history have periods of their lives when either voluntarily or involuntarily they found themselves in solitude.  There is great value in this period of isolation. 

Often, the noise an busy movement of life’s race, delays the nurturing and development process of the inner-man.   Time is teaching me to be even more concerned with the progress of this component of my being, even above the exterior shell.  Perhaps it is because the recognition of this improvement is not so visible to the carnal eye.  The pats on the back, the high fives, the “job well done” will not be as frequent…but the overall feeling of a status enhancement if the internal light is worth the moments of minimal affirmation. 

Go within. Introspect. Feed the needs of your spirit just like you don’t rest until the outer-man is satisfied…in fact, we allow the shell to over indulge, while the inner starves. 

Find value in the island. Allow yourself to experience untainted time.

Your life will thank you!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Not Arrived...But Approaching


I choose to not be misguided into believing that because I am able to do now what should have always been my norm that I have ARRIVED.  I have not arrived yet in the space where my success is woven in the success of my community…but I am approaching.  Each time we redirect our economic power we are approaching! When we curl our lips and smile where we previously may have rolled our eyes and smirked or even refused to invest enough time to acknowledge another Queen passing by at all, we are approaching.  It has taken hundreds of years because of a system of organized oppression that began within our minds but was perpetuated through our chemistry and energy one to another. 

No we have not arrived because we cast one ballot every 4 years but we are approaching if we pull together locally to ensure that there are at least candidates progressing that represent some if not most of OUR views.

We have not arrived simply because people that wear skirts can apply to a position but we are approaching the time when SHE has the final decision of that company.

The illusion that we have reached the “mark” is a procrastination tool of distraction to trick us into complacency thereby delaying a bliss that many of us struggle to comprehend. 

My message is not one of pessimism but rather PROactive optimism.  A message that intends to stimulate shared responsibility, shared input and shared victory! 

We owe a debt of morality and ethics to our foundational parents who endured a struggle that I don’t think I could have, because were it not for them our movement of infrastructure would not be a possibility.  I am spilling over with possibilities as I look at my own life and what some would categorize as limitations and the liberation of thought that I enjoy; and the older I get the more I learn that going back to the concept of shared community was our ticket out of circumstances then and it will be our conduit of change now.

NO we have NOT yet arrived…but together…we ARE APPROACHING!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Training for the Position

I've spent some time being overwhelmed, uncertain and afraid of the obstacles that my life path has presented to me.  Why so much pain? Why the delay of my dreams being reality? What was the purpose of glimpses of a future that may never be?
I remember when maturity began to reveal to me that each challenge came with a lesson, and if it were not the growing pains that the stumbling blocks presented, I would keep repeating the uncomfortable experiences over and over because they indeed came with a purpose.
So now as I am speaking with wonderful humans from all walks of life I have so much material to reference.  So much of the connections we make are from first hand experiences. Experiences that did not feel so good in the moment, but what would my life have missed, had I not lived life as it was given to me?
In corporate American, you are oriented and trained for the future position.  Such is life.  All of these experiences have been preparing me for the position and purpose that the Divine One had for me since my Creation.
Now I say thank you rather than Why?  I am humbled and appreciative of the preparation for things beyond my wildest dreams that are to come.
The training is now, the position is to come!
Enjoy the class

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I'm Expecting!!!

I’m Expecting!!!....

Remember when your first received knowledge that conception had occurred? It was either because you felt different and received confirmation of the change or it was because finally something you had been attempting had been achieved.  Perhaps it was a total surprise, unplanned in every way…

There were moments of fear, anxiety, joy and mystery in the miracle of it all…

A hodge-podge of emotions I’m sure. 

There were weeks, perhaps months that you kept it to yourself. Either because decisions needed to be made concerning the information or because you simply wanted to protect it.  You didn’t want anything or anyone to infiltrate your bliss with compromised energy.  Regardless of the method of the connection, this thing was yours.

You grew together over time while you held and incubated this unknown familiarity.  What it received in nourishment, is solely connected to what you gave.  It was yours.

Time passed and the anticipation grew.  There were days that the growth was so rapid that you could hardly contain it.  When you sat, you wanted to be standing and when you stood all you wanted was a seat.  Sleepless nights mounted while the most consistent advice you received was…”get some rest”!

And as the time drew near and labor began the discomfort was inevitable…There was pain and contracting, but this was dulled, even slightly by the anticipation of the birth and the life that you would meet on the other side of that great pain.

So today I confess…..Yes….I AM EXPECTING!!!

I am in labor with a sweet little girl named Destiny.  I have nurtured and nourished her and now I am in labor.  The contractions are growing stronger and closer together. There has been great pain in order to birth her into reality, but she will be worth it!

I can’t wait to meet you, my child…Destiny Purpose Me